These are a few typical liturgical phrases that I translated for those of you who would like to add some German into your workings with heath culture. I'm a German nativ speaker.

    "We are here to honor the Gods"
    "Wir sind hier die Götter zu ehren"

    "May the Gods be honored"
    "Mögen die Götter geehrt werden"

    "Honor to the Gods"
    "Ehre den Göttern"

    "Earth Mother, accept our sacrifice / offering!"
    "Erdmutter, nimm unser Opfer / unsere Opfergabe an!"

    "Ancestors, accept our sacrifice / offering!"
    "Ahnen, nehmt unser Opfer / unsere Opfergabe an!"

    "Nature Spirits, accept our sacrifice / offering!"
    "Naturgeister, nehmt unser Opfer / unsere Opfergabe an!"

    "Gods, accept our offering!"
    "Götter, nehmt unser Opfer / unsere Opfergabe an!"

    "Our offerings" (plural)
    "unsere Opfergaben"

    "Sacred Well, flow within us!"
    "Heilige Quelle, fließe in uns!"

    "Sacred Tree, grow within us!"
    "Heiliger Baum, wachse in uns!"

    "Sacred Fire, burn within us!"
    "Heiliges Feuer, brenne in uns!"

    "So Be It"
    "So sei es"

Terms to fill in the blanks:

    "Pole" Säule (column)
    "Tree" Baum
    "Stone" Stein
    "Pit" (for sacrifice) (opfer-) Schacht
    "Tribe" Stamm

    "Let the gates be opened" - "Let the gates be closed"
    "Lass die Tore sich öffnen!" – "Lass die Tore sich schließen"

    "Open the Gates!" - "Close the gates!"
    "Öffne die Tore!" - "Schließe die Tore!"

    "This Cup" - "This Well" - "This Sacred Place / Nemeton"
    "Dieser Kelch" – "Diese Quelle" – "Dieser heilige Platz / Nemeton"

    "May the Gods and ancestors bless___"
    "Mögen die Götter und Ahnen [diesen heiligen Platz, diese Quelle, diesen Kelch, John Doe] segnen"

    "This water"
    "Dieses Wasser"

    "This is the waters of life"
    "Das ist das Wasser des Lebens"

    "Behold the waters of life"
    "Siehe, das Wasser des Lebens"

    "Gods, give us the Waters!"
    "Götter, gebt uns das Wasser!"

Annotiation: The waters is plural. It would be highly unusual to say plural waters in German. When in literature you come upon the term "waters of life" it is usually translated into a singular "water of life".
If you want to translate it plure, you would say everywhere where you have a "das Wasser" simply "die Wasser".

    "Protection of the Gods upon ____" (this man, this woman, this child, this place, this object)
    "Der Schutz der Götter sei auf ___" (diesem Mann, dieser Frau, dieses Kind, diesem Ort, diesem Objekt)

    "This man" - "This woman" - "This child"
    "Dieser Mann" – "Diese Frau" – "Dieses Kind"

    "Gods be with you" - "And also with you"
    "Die Götter seien mit euch" – "und mit dir" (singular) - "und mit euch" (plural)

    "Thank You"
    "Vielen Dank"

    "We thank you" (plural form)
    "Wir danken euch"

    "We thank you" (singular form)
    "Wir danken dir"