The 12 days of Yuletide, The 13 days of Solstice,
Dies ist eines meiner Lieblinslieder. Es wird so gesungen, dass man mit dem ersten Vers anfängt und dann einen dazu und so weiter. Das midi spielt alle Verse einmal durch und Vorsicht, es fehlt einer!

13 Days of Yuletide/ Solstice (nearly original)

On the (first) day of solstice/yuletide my true love sent to me

A partridge in a pear tree
Two turtle doves and
Three french hens
Four colly birds
Five gold rings
Six geese laying
Seven swans swimming
Eight maids milking
Nine drummers drumming
Ten pipers piping
Eleven ladies dancing
Twelve lords leaping


On the first day of Yuletide my true love gave to me,
a Circle 'round a Pine Tree.

On the second day of Yuletide my true love gave to me,
Two pointed Horns
and a Circle 'round a Pine Tree....etc...
A Circle 'round a Pine Tree
Two pointed Horns
Three Silver Cups
Four Pentagrams
Five Magick Rings
Six critters Fetching
Seven Candles Glowing
Eight Fires Blazing
Nine Herbs a-Brewing
Ten Stones a-Standing
Eleven Brooms a-Flying
Twelve Witches Dancing

the 13 days of Solstice
Lyrics: Shekinah

On the first day of Solstice the goddess sent to me:

1 some healing to set me free
2 gifts from my love
3 a helping dream,
4 a branche of evergreen,
5 a Joyous Song!
6 greetings from my neighbors.....
7 magick for the year......
8 fine conversation......
9 nine pearls of wisdom.......
10 candles for the lighting.......
11 deep contemplation........
12 showers of abundance........
13 a grand celebration